Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Will You Be My Victim?": The Last Milonga At Nora's Tango Week

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And so Nora's Tango Week came to an end last week. As I went to one of the last milongas I went early to be sure I could get a seat. I arrived fifteen minutes before the doors opened and there was already a long line of tangueros in front of me (photo).

Geez, you folks are crazy for your tango.

And then the doors opened, people scrambled to get their seats and before I could even get to mine people were on the dance floor dancing to their first tango.

The performances were awesome and I had many friends there, so it was a great evening. But one of the highlights of the week happened a few hours later when a lovely senior woman walked up to me and asked "Would you be my victim?"

That was one of the best invitations to tango I've ever received. Not that I was the victim, though, as it quickly become obvious that my new friend was an excellent dancer. I felt more like she was my victim. It turns out she's a French artist (a painter) who does oils and exhibits frequently.

You meet the most fascinating people in tango.

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Your sister said...

Do women typically ask men to tango? Are there unspoken rules to inviting a man to dance? (post idea, hint, hint, :-)

This woman sounds so intriguing! I don't know her, and already I want to sit and have a cup of coffee with her. Thanks for sharing.