Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cortina: The Greatest Soccer Goal of My Life


In today's cortina please ignore my immodesty as I proudly proclaim that I recently scored the greatest soccer goal of my life. Why the greatest? Because it was my first and only in over 3 decades of playing.

I started playing soccer as a kid and I've played every year since. I've always played in the defense, so I've always, well, defended. Even so, I should've scored some goals. Sure, I've scored countless times in practice, pickup games, indoor games and against my three-year old niece, but never in an official game. (Truth be told: my three-your old niece stopped my first seven shots, but I managed to slip one by her by pointing behind her and asking "is that a pony, Catherine?!?" Hey, a goal is a goal).

That 40 year drought finally ended when I scored a few weeks ago. How did it feel? Well, the sky seemed bluer and the artificial grass seemed greener that bright, shining afternoon.

So, how did I score? It's all thanks to Melanie (in the picture with me). She passed me the ball & I hit a one-touch rocket into the net (note: "rocket" is my adjective and I do not agree with my teammates who describe it a "squibler"). Melanie played her college ball at Berkeley with Brandi Chastain and other U.S. Women's Gold Medal Olympic players were on the same team. As you can imagine, Melanie kicks ass. In fact, the women as a group on my team do, too, and it's a big reason why we're heading into the playoffs.

After the game I did what any serious-minded male adult would do--I called my Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister and replayed for them the goal second-by-second. My Mom and sister gave me polite "that's nice, Mark" responses while my Dad and brother both asked me if we won.

BTW, Menlanie and I are holding up four fingers because that was our final score against the other team, not the age I'm acting.


Anonymous said...

Oh come now, Mark. We all know it's not JUST the score :-)

Congrats!! Enjoy the high.

Your Sister said...

That's nice Mark.

Just so you know, Catherine has been beefing up her game lately. She's been running "drill" practice every afternoon. She said she'll play soccer with you again as long as you don't cry like a little girl when she gets her next goal past you!

Just kidding! Love the picture, and I love hearing your goal story for the 18th time again. It just gets more exciting every time I hear it!

Laila said...

Felicitaciones Mark! Don't be surprised if you continue to kick winners sooner rather than later. You just might be on a roll.
A great way to start Tango Week!
P.S. Have you incorporated any soccer moves into a tango dance - or vice-versa?

Mark Andersen said...

Thank you, Johanna! I expect I'll be off the high from my goal in about a month, maybe two. Certainly no more than three.

Mark Andersen said...

Julie, the only reason I was crying was that I was crushed that my 3-year old niece would play dirty just to score against me. She fell down, started crying that she was hurt, so I left the goal to help her & she jumped up & cracked the ball by me. I'm not sure what was more shocking--that she would do that in the first place or her wicked smirk for tricking me.

Hmmm...I wonder where she learned those tricks? Certainly not from her Dad--he plays fair.

BTW, I'll be calling in the morning--I remembered another detail from my goal that you're going to love hearing about.

Mark Andersen said...

Thank you, Laila! And, yes, I have incorporated some of my tango into my soccer. Every time one of my teammates makes a good pass I yell out "Esso!!!"

I just got home from an awesome first milonga at Nora's Tango Week--it was packed. I missed not having you there, but I look forward to seeing you there this weekend. Save me a tango.

What time to we perform?

Anonymous said...

me jodes
bue, felicitaciones igual.
tangueas pero nunca habias metido un gol?