Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tango Shoes at Nora's Tango Week


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I finished Nora's Tango Weekend Sunday night and it was awesome. To get to the class rooms you had to walk by tables of Comme Il Faut and Neotango shoes for sale.

On Sunday I was eating an apple near these tables waiting for my next class to begin when I noticed how differently men and women reacted to these tables. Most men walked by and didn't pay attention to the shoes. Most women walked around the corner, saw the shoes and went into a state of rapture. (I didn't see one near the table, but I think having a defribilator on hand is a good idea)

Truth be told, ladies, I still don't really get your passion for tango shoes, but part of me sensed some of you would want to see this photo.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh Mark! You are breaking the cardinal CIF rule by posting pictures of them!!!!

Sounds like you had a blast, though :-)

Mark Andersen said...

Good to know, Johanna. I'll try to get the Neotangos next time, instead (I've heard they're less shy).

And, yes, the classes & milongas have been great fun. I resume later this week & then it all culminates on Saturday with a day with Gustavo & Giselle--should be awesome.