Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Not Above Begging

I'm Not Above Begging
So, I spoke to my friend again about posting here. Actually, it wasn't so much "talking" on my part as it was persuading/hoping/cajoling/enticing/begging (no, I'm not above begging). Anyway, I'll know for sure by tomorrow—I'd say it's 50/50.


gduLac said...

I'm about to start begging. Let me explain...

During a tango, a man leads. He holds me, he caresses me in many little ways, he moves me, places me, teases me, and we move. I feel his heart beat, feel his enjoyment.

Yet, when he stops dancing, he becomes suddenly, a dud. Why? How is someone capable of desirous things, become dull as a duck? Sincerely, the same concept applies: lead the lady, move her, tease her, and enjoy.

So... I'm about to start begging the men. Please don't stop dancing, even if you're on pavement.

Mark Andersen said...

What a great comment! Men, I think we can all learn something from this insight--we need to keep on dancing, even if we're on pavement.

Anonymous said...

‘It takes two to tango’ even on a pavement. The women - are the ones in control - have set the rules of engagement for on and off the tango floor differently.

On the Tango floor after the cabeceo, the woman enters the embrace with complete openness. As the torsos engage, she silently allows the man to calm himself, feel her heartbeat, and attune his body to hers. As he moves, she feels the intention and focuses solely on reciprocating his every move. A misstep is covered up with a smile and a boleo. A soft touch of the hand, a strong arm around the back, a bump of the feet, a caress of the legs, these are considered to be playful and pleasing gestures.

But as soon as the music stops, the women changes. What is a dud to do?

gduLac said...

When a woman is interested, she will allow the flood gates to open. However tradition, protocal, feminine behaviour, whatever you may call it, means that after the gates are open, the ball is in the man's court. Yet he no longer leads. A woman always has her right to decline.

So in such instances, off the dance floor, allow the tango principles to still apply. And when I say "leading" I don't mean grab her by the hair (at least until you know her better). I mean to take the lead, the initiative so that she may respond. Women are good at responding.

One of my favourite things about dancing is when a man touches my hair. It is long enough so that the tips brushes against his hand, and flows through his finger tips. This is why I don't like to put my hair up until it becomes too hot and it becomes a neccessity. Yet off the dance floor and in the dating field, the hair is practically ignored :(