Friday, December 21, 2007

Victoria Is In The House!

Well, she's at least here in our little milonga here in Confessions. It is with great pleasure I give you Victoria I'm sorry I can't reveal her real identity, but I can tell you I've danced with her before (now let me see, was that in Bs As, San Francisco or Prague?). I can also tell you she's a wonderful person, a delightful dancer, and Victoria has a poetic view of tango and life (one in the same, aren't they?). What I mean by that is she sees things most of us don't see and then expresses the deepest truths of tango that are invisible to me until her words break through the fog and reveal them to me. So, in a sense, Victoria is my tango sherpa--guiding me up the impossible ascent of the Mt. Everest that is tango. Victoria is also very humble, so I know she's not going to be happy with me for saying all these things (she'll think they're exaggerations, but they're not). Anyway, I wanted to give you this background, so you have a sense for why I never gave up hope that Godot would arrive. I know you'll connect with her words as much as I do with her when we tango. OK, I'm going to shut up now and let Victoria talk for herself, which she'll start doing in her inaugural post within a few days. Welcome, Godot.

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