Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Great Tango Private With Diego Escobar & Angi Staudinger

I just had an excellent private tango lesson with Diego & Angi. As you can see from their video, they have a wonderful sense of style and elegance. Everything they do looks so natural and effortless. I also took a super tango class of theirs at the Slovenian Hall Monday & they gave a fantastic performance afterwards. I think they were planning on performing two songs at first, but with the loud applause and the crowd chanting "Otra vez!" in unison they happily performed a third.

What did I learn in my tango private tonight? It's hard to boil 4 pages of great tango feedback into a few gems. But one intriguing thing is that they teach when the leader is stepping forward on 3 in the parallel system before going into the 4/5 of the cross that men should basically keep their chest forward. This is in contrast to most teachers I've had that say in the tango basic men should rotate their chest to the right towards the woman on 3 in a contra-body motion. I'd never walked going into the cross this way before on 3, but I must say it felt very natural. And Angi said it avoids the situation where sometimes men will rotate their chest so much that women think we're leading them into a side step. Anyway, I'm going to try it out this weekend or at least try less contra-body.

Diego and Angi leave tomorrow for NYC, so for our tango brothers and sisters out there representing on the east coast, I'd highly recommend taking classes or privates with them if you can. I haven't tangoed in NYC yet, but the word in the milongas here in the Bay Area is that you have an awesome tango community out there!

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