Friday, May 2, 2008

The Wonderful Sounds of Tango & The American Bullfrog

Recently I was in St Augustine, Florida visiting my Dad.

Funny thing about St. Augustine--great beaches, lousy tango.

At the end of my week there all I could think of was how strange it felt to not dance tango for 5 nights straight. My Dad's place is close to the beach, so instead of my flat in San Francisco where the fog rolls in from the Pacific, I smelled the salt drifting in from the Atlantic. After awhile I put on my iPod to listen to tango. I start to concentrate and finally I start to hear tango in the distance. I'm slowly drifting into a milonga. But wait-what's that noise? I've never heard that at a milonga. Maybe that's because my mental tanda is being crowded out by the croaking of American bullfrogs and the bellowing of the gators in the wetlands behind my Dad's place.

Yes, bellowing gators--as in the twelve footer in the pond behind my Dad's place.

I decide to try & find a milonga, so I get online. The closest tango is in Orlando--a good 2 hours away. I'm tempted, but is it worth the drive just to tango with Minnie Mouse? Not that I have anything against dancing with mice. Don't get me wrong because I'm not mousist--I'll tango with anyone or anything at this point. It's just that I've heard Minnie backleads.


n a n c y said...

Be glad you didn't waste the trip to Orlandoor to Titusville, either. In both places, they stand in one spot on the floor and kick at each other to performance tangos.

In BsAs

Mark Andersen said...

Good point, Nancy. I lived in Florida for 8 years & know it well. Titusville is a great place to watch a shuttle launch, but I wouldn't quite call it "Buenos Aires North."

I'm envious that you're in BsAs!