Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tango Eavesdropping (Unintentionally)

So, I'm sitting by myself waiting for the pre-milonga tango lesson to begin. There are 2 guys to my left & 2 women to my right--I don't know any of them. I knew men talked this way because it's the same type of conversation I have every week with my brother, Dad, & every other guy I can talk sports to.

But who knew women talked this way? (my internal dialogue is in parenthesis).

Dude 1: "Did you see LeBron last night?"
Dude 2: "He was on fire!" (I'm a Celtics fan, but even I have to admit that's true)

Damn Sexy 1: "So, how's your week been?"
Damn Sexy 2: "Ok, I went to dinner with Chris" (not his real name; cool--a peak into the unreadable mind of a woman coming up)

Dude 1: "Damn, 45 points in Boston & they still lose"
Dude 2: "Yeah, but he can't carry the whole team by himself" (good point)

Damn Sexy 1: "Yeah, how'd that go?"
Damn Sexy 2: "It was fine, the restaurant was good & he kissed me goodnight" (...and you would tell your girlfriend this because...?)

Dude 1: "That's true--I'm just saying if he had a little help they would've won that series"
Dude 2: "But they wouldn't beat Detroit anyway" (this guy knows his basketball)

Damn Sexy 1: "Well, that's good, but you don't sound very excited." (I agree)
Damn Sexy 2: "It's just that it was like a normal kiss. He didn't kiss me like he wanted to rip my clothes off" (Whoa! Do women really talk like this? I swear this was a quote. Obviously, she's saying she wanted him to kiss her like he was really passionate about her. When are they going to talk about last night's game?)

Dude 1: "You don't know that--they'd have a better chance than Boston" (b.s.)
Dude 2: "That may be true, but I want to see Boston in the finals against L.A." (for sure)

Damn Sexy 1: "That's too bad. So, what are you going to do?" (this is starting to sound like a Venezuelan soap opera; not that I've ever seen one, but my Spanish teacher said they make Desparate Housewives look tame)
Damn Sexy 2: "I don't know--he's a nice guy, but it's kind of like 'what's the point?'" (I resist the temptation to offer a solution, mainly because I don't have one)

Dude1: "How sweet would that be"
Dude 2: "Real ol' school, minus Bird & Magic, but still awesome" (I'm dying to jump into this conversation, but the tango lesson is beginning)


Charlotte said...

Aww, I hope the woman gives Chris a chance, perhaps he didn't want to come across as too keen? It seems an unfair criticism to me! And (as a woman), I'd say women can talk like this, although I would only do so with very, very close friends..

Alex said...

A kiss is just a kiss, but it is everything...

Mark Andersen said...

Me, too, Charlotte. I just gave an abridged version of their conversation. But from everything else she was saying he sounded like a good guy who was probably just trying to be respectful. And what you're saying about women only talking this way to very close friends makes sense because it was clear these 2 women were great friends.

But this is definitely a gender difference.

It was kind of surprising for me to hear because most guys I know (myself included) do a complete reversal as we age: we talk about this in college, but as we get older we stop talking about it completely--WAY too personal.

Mark Andersen said...

Yes, Alex, and it was definitely everything to this woman. She was setting the bar pretty high.

Let's hope our brother Chris gets another chance.