Monday, April 21, 2008

Top 15 Ways To Know If You're Addicted To Tango

As addictions go, this is a nice one we have, isn't it? If you're not sure if you've completely lost yourself to Argentine tango, this blog is officially saying you're addicted to tango if you:
1. Get frustrated when you can't lead your dog into the cross
2. Check your iPod's "recently played" and it's all tango
3. Think of Buenos Aires like you think of Heaven or Shangri-La, except with better dancers
4. Wonder if you could ever date or marry a non-tango dancer
5. Sign all your emails with "abrazos"
6. Think your friends are crazy for not tangoing 5 nights a week (and vice versa)
7. Have thought of moving to Buenos Aires to study tango
8. Practice moves walking down the street, in the bathroom at work, in supermarkets...
9. Wonder how you ever lived "BT" (Before Tango)
10. Blame your cat for not being able to do a proper molinete (assuming you're the lead, shouldn't you blame yourself?)
11. Think it's natural to walk up to a person you've never met in your life, take them into your arms and hold them in a close embrace for 3 minutes
12. Own more Comme il Fauts or NeoTango's than you do work shoes (Women only)
13. Get itchy if you go more than 2 nights without getting your milonga fix
14. Think the sexiest thing in the world is a woman that tangoes well (Men only?)
15. Don't understand why colleagues at work don't accept your cabeceo to lunch



Anonymous said...

Mark, the #1 way to know if you're addicted to tango is to make a list of ways to know if you're addicted to tango :-)

Also, I'd put out a warning buoy about using the cabeceo anywhere other than a milonga...

Mark Andersen said...

So true, Johanna, but I'm proud to say I acknowledged my tango addiction some months ago (I did 4 hours last night). I still have friends, though, that are equally insane for tango, but won't admit it.

And, yes, I've got to remember to stop using the cabeceo at work. Life would be so much easier, though, if we could.

TangoConmigo said...

'Yes' to 9 of 15. Guess, I am not completely addicted as yet.

My Argentine friends taught me to sign off with 'abrazos' with men and 'besos' with women.

Similar to the cabaceo issue, I've gotten so used to being greeted with a hug and a kiss from my female tango friends that it feels really odd when at work I don't get the same warm reception from female colleagues I've known for years.

Mark Andersen said...

Yes, TangoConmigo, but if you're already at 9 you'll probably be at 11 of 15 in a month & then 14 of 15 in two months...

Syarzhuk said...

Since the teachers usually tell "you should move like a cat", it's only natural to expect the cat to know how to do a proper molinete! (I secretly suspect cats know how to do ANYTHING... they are just lazy and/or smart enough to not do it)

Mark Andersen said...

Syarzhuk--that's one of the funniest comments I've read.

And I agree with you that it's because cats are lazy. Their tango is great when they try, but they really don't care.

Now dogs do care & will try to tango, but they just can't tango as well as cats, so it's just not the same. There's a reason why we never hear in tango that we should "move like a dog."

tangoprincess said...

Wow, this blog is not only insightful and addicting, but also hilarious!
P.S I didn't know cats can tango. lol