Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Online Dating Better Than Tango For Finding Your Soulmate?

A close friend of mine met a guy recently through online dating and he made a fine first impression. He had an interesting online profile, he was friendly in his emails & he seemed like a nice, smart guy. They exchanged photos and my friend was thinking about possibly meeting him.

Then one night I talked my friend into taking her first tango class and we went together. We walked into the class and immediately she recognized the guy she'd been emailing! The class started and my friend rotated to the guy, but he didn't recognize her.

And now here's where it gets really interesting.

They started their first tango together and she could tell just halfway through it that she could never date this guy. He was "bossy" and every time they made a mistake she could tell through his unspoken frustration with her that he felt those mis-steps were her fault, not theirs, and certainly not his.

Their tango ended and so did any possibility of my friend ever going out with this guy. My friend was able to pick up deeper truths about their compatability (or lack thereof) from one 3 minute tango than was possible from the combination of his online profile, emails and photos.

So, just like I blogged recently on how Argentine tango kicked speed dating's butt, tango has now kicked some serious online dating tail, too! Tango proves, yet again, it's the best way to get to know new people.


tango_addict said...

I'm new to the tango, having only danced it a mere 2 years, but I have come to understand that within a few moments of dancing with a woman, I will know if I will enjoy my dance with her and if we will have a connection. Being a single guy, its hard to communicate to my male friends what its like and being single its so hard to find a woman yo can connect with not only in the 'real' world but also on the tango dance floor. As tango is now a passion of mine - something I would like to continuously improve on, finding a woman who can at least understand this passion and in a perfect world, want to be a partner on this journey. As with all tango dancers, the tango allows me to express myself, bring my emotions to the surface as I listen to the music and hopefully, communicate how the music makes me feel to my tango partner. I've met some tangueros who I connect extremely well with on the dance floor, now its just trying to find out if there is something more behind the cheeky smile or the gentlest of caress on the back of my neck!!!

Mark Andersen said...

I hear you, Tango Addict! I, too, know within a few moments how well I'll connect with a woman. In fact, given the choice between a 5 minute conversation or a tango, I'll choose the tango every time if I want to know if my partner & I can become friends or not.

And thanks for speaking the normally unspoken--the touch on the back of the neck always gets my intention, too.

The question for us tango addicts is can we date a woman who isn't as passionate about tango? Long live tango!