Friday, March 14, 2008

Confessions Blog Now Has Tango Readers In 30 Countries Worldwide!

Dear Tango brothers and sisters around the world,
I'm happy to say that this little tango blog now has readers from 24 states across America and 30 countries around the world. I knew Argentine tango was a worldwide passion. But, honestly, I didn't expect that we'd have readers from 30 countries so quickly, given that this blog was only launched on December 11.

I wanted to list all of those countries below, so that we have a better idea of where our fellow tangueros are from. I'm listing them in order of number of visits since Confessions was launched.

There are a lot of obvious things below, such as most of our readers coming from the U.S., since I'm based in San Francisco. And I'm not surprised that the UK is our # 2, but I was surprised to see that readers there come not just from London, but from eight different cities throughout England and Scotland (welcome tangueros in Edinburgh and Aberdeen!). Most of our tangueros in France are in Paris, which is no surprise given how famous that city is for it's tango. And I'm always meeting the coolest Canadians that come down to SF for tango lessons or milongas, so it's good to see them at #4. Of course Buenos Aires is our Mecca for tango, but I am surprised that Argentina is # 5 because when I was in Bs As they were at milongas until 6am, so when do our brothers & sisters there have time to get online?

But the most fascinating thing to me is that we have tangueros from Israel, Qatar, and Yemen (welcome tangueros in Beersheba, Doha and Sana!).

Thank you all for helping spread the word. And thanks, too, to everyone that has posted a comment or emailed me--it's been great connecting with tangueros worldwide.

How awesome would it be if we could have a bunch of international milongas in each of our great countries below?!?:
1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. France
4. Canada
5. Argentina
6. Turkey
7. Greece
8. Mexico
9. Brazil
10. Germany
11. Russia
12. Japan
13. Netherlands
14. Bulgaria
15. Spain
16. Chile
17. Switzerland
18. Czech Republic
19. India
20. Trinidad and Tobago
21. Costa Rica
22. Singapore
23. Malaysia
24. Croatia
25. Belgium
26. Romania
27. Israel
28. Qatar
29. Philippines
30. Yemen



Alex said...

Yes, it is fun to watch where the hits come in from. But, as you are probably aware, not all hits are tangueros, nor are all hits actually readers. I find that a very small proportion of my visits are actually logged in and spending any time reading.

tangobaby said...

Alex is right...but the ones that stay and hopefully commenting end up being the ones you look forward to hearing from, and becoming friends with.

Isn't that true, Alex? ;-)

BTW, Google analytics will give you even more information than you ever want to know. It's way more advanced than SiteMeter.

Mark Andersen said...

You make a great point, Alex--not all hits are tangueros. Actually, I should've clarified that because, based on emails I received from a number of folks, I know there are some tango "voyeurs." And while it's also true that not all hits are readers, I tried to reflect that in my "readers" number of 30 countries. I work in Internet marketing and, as we know, analytics for blogs can be very helpful, but they are far from an exact science. For example, Google defines it's "bounce rate" as: "the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page." But most people that come to a blog only read the long scroll of one page, and yet they're counted as a "bounce" when in fact they may be an engaged reader! Blog analytics is severely lacking this way.

So, Confessions actually had visitors from far more than 30 countries, but I intentionally left off a number of countries based on the following criteria: (a) no repeat visits, (b) no comments or emails, (c) less than 10 seconds spent on blog. After removing these "bounces", I ended up with what I believe is a fairly accurate number of "readers" from 30 countries.

Lastly, I'd love to share more insights with you and Tangobaby. I know I could learn from you both & I'd love to share what I've learned, too. Thanks for an excellent post.

Mark Andersen said...

Thanks, Tangobaby--I couldn't agree with you more. Like you, I too have become friends with tangueros or tango voyeurs around the world, which is a great gift.

I'll always remember a guy who came out to San Francisco from the midwest to study tango for a month. He heard of an apartment for rent by a tanguero through a friend. The tanguero just left his key under the mat. When asked why he would just leave a key to his apartment to a man he'd never met before, the tanguero said "well, this guy from the midwest dances tango, so he must be a good guy."


Triman Beaumont said...

the hit from czech republic WAS tanguero ;-)

Mark Andersen said...

Welcome, Triman! My brother & I lived in Prague for 6 years & we loved it. I look forward to tangoing in Prague one night.