Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Tango Championship With Cheryl Burke

I am posing in this photo with Cheryl Burke from "Dancing With The Stars" because (see answer under my name):
A. We just won the American Nationals for Argentine Tango
B. Cheryl just accepted my marriage proposal
C. I wasn't actually in this photo with Cheryl--I Photoshopped her in
D. None of the above. I took Cheryl's first dance lesson at her club and had my photo taken with her for fun (BTW, she gave a great class & was very nice)
Answer: Obviously, D


Anonymous said...

Mark!!! You're so CUTE!!!

Mark Andersen said...

Thank you, Johanna--you're too kind.

So, you're a published author, tanguera, produced playwright...Wow! I get to meet the most fascinating people in tango!

Anonymous said...


tangobaby said...

How fun, Mark. I got to see Cheryl dance with her partner at a fundraiser a couple years ago and she is nothing short of amazing.